Health insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland has a health insurance system unlike that of any other country. Below you will find an overview with the important information!

Compulsory health insurance within 3 months of arriving in Switzerland.

All additional insurance in accordance with the insurance contract law.

Basic insurance

  • Broad basic cover in the case of illness, accident or pregnancy
  • Dental treatment only as a result of illness
  • The same services are covered by all the insurance companies

Additional insurance

  • Individual complimentary cover possible, incl. dental treatment

Every family member must have his/her own insurance.

The insured person must pay the full premium. The employer does not contribute to the health insurance payments.

Yes, through the franchise and also through the excess.

The selected predetermined basic value, between 300 CHF and 2,500 CHF per calendar year (adults).

After reaching the franchise value proportional assumption of 10% up to a max. of 700 CHF per calendar year.

Further information
You can find more information here.