Moving guide & customs

So that your move to Switzerland goes without a hitch, there are a few things that you must remember. Here you will find a list of the most important points. 

Household effects (furniture, equipment, etc.)

Below you will find instructions for importing your assets to Switzerland: 

1. Change of domicile

In order to be able to import your assets to Switzerland customs duty and tax-free, you must have a change of domicile to Switzerland. For those moving from EU-25/EFTA states, you simply need an employment contract or rental agreement in order to confirm your change of domicile. Those coming from countries outside of the EU-25 states need to have a residence permit.

2. List of household effects

Create a list of all items that you wish to import.

So that your assets can be classified as tax-free household effects, the relevant items need to have been in use for more than 6 months, and must remain in personal use after the move.

3. Fill in application form 18.44

Fill in the application form (18.44 Household effects). You can then present this to the customs office upon arrival.

Special provisions for students and foreign workers

Students can import their household goods, personal items and school materials duty-free. This is also possible if you are not moving your domicile to Switzerland (known as “weekly residents”).

In addition, foreign students, workers and interns can use their vehicles, for personal use, in Switzerland duty-free for two years (for the duration of their degree) with the right permit (form 15.30).

The following forms must be presented to the customs office:

  • Swiss residence papers or evidence of equal value
  • Vehicle papers
  • Identification from the educational establishment

The permit costs 25 francs.