Vehicle costs in Switzerland

Below you will find an overview of the costs of running a car in Switzerland 


In Switzerland, you will have to take into account the following vehicle costs: 

  • Depreciation: corresponds to around 10% per year 
  • Value reduction and wear correspond to around 2% per 10,000 kilometres driven
  • Road tax and vignette: Tax varies from canton to canton and depends on the vehicle’s weight and energy efficiency category. Vignettes cost 40 CHF.
  • Insurance. Liability insurance is compulsory, added to partially or fully comprehensive insurance as required. 
  • Parking costs: Depending on the location, you should expect to pay between 100 CHF and 300 CHF/month for garage spaces. In cities, you can purchase “resident parking permits” for the blue zone (200 CHF to 400 CHF/month) 
  • Fuel costs 
  • Repair and service costs amount to around 700 CHF to 1000 CHF per 10,000 kilometres driven 

Also to be noted

  • Speed limit: 120 on motorways, 80 outside of towns, 50 inside towns. 
  • It is well known that the fines are not worth it. Fines are high in Switzerland. If you break the speed limit, you can easily expect fines of over 100 CHF. Major violations of road traffic laws can quickly lead to having to appear in court.

List of links

The following links will help you in making your arrival and move to Switzerland go as smoothly as possible. 

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  • The site of the Swiss Touring Club (TCS) will help you with questions regarding your vehicle. Link
  • The site of the federal authorities will help you with various other questions. Link